5 Tips for Conscious Living

Be Grateful

It's easy to focus on the things in life that bug you, whether they're political, professional or personal issues. Many times, we feel overwhelmed by health issues, money troubles or other crisis situations. While these problems are very real, it's important to identify and appreciate the things in your life that are good. Fostering this sense of gratitude can keep us grounded when it seems like life is trying to sweep us away. It also takes our focus away from just the negative things in our lives, and broadens it to take in the entire picture.

Take time to appreciate the things that are good in your life. Try to take a moment each day to appreciate your loved ones, to honor your achievements and to cherish the blessings in your life. If you have children, keep in mind how quickly they grow and cherish the joys they have brought into your life (and allow yourself to forget for the moment all the other things they do).

Think about how far you've come in your life's journey and the good deeds along the way that you've performed for others, as well as the good deeds others have performed for you. Reminding yourself of these positive things will make you more conscious of bringing more positive experiences into your life.