5 Tips for Conscious Living


Change Your Game

Change is scary, but it's vital to grow.
Change is scary, but it's vital to grow.

While all of us would like to live more consciously, the reality is that we spend most of our time living, well, somewhat mindlessly. Perhaps we made life decisions long ago that we're still acting upon, even though we (or the conditions in and around our lives) have changed.

Also, sometimes we've been doing something so long that it becomes nearly impossible to objectively view the validity, effectiveness or goodness of that activity or situation. Sometimes old friends bring with them old habits or prejudices. Or maybe the traditional way you've spent every Saturday night for the last decade isn't really cutting it anymore, but tradition continues to schedule your weekends.

By changing even the simple patterns and habits we've accumulated in life, we can re-engage with our surroundings and bring a sense of new awareness to our days.

Bring new foods, activities, music and entertainment into your life. Go somewhere you've never been before (this can be in your own ZIP code). Seek out opportunities to meet new people with different perspectives, cultural backgrounds or personal experiences who will bring with them the opportunity to be exposed to new ways of thinking and living.

When making a decision, remind yourself to do things differently or in a different way than you normally do them. While this in itself isn't necessarily conscious living, the fresh perspective it brings will make us give consideration to what we're doing while we do it.

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