What do I need to keep track of to manage depression?

To be able to control your depression, it is very important that you keep track of both your medicines and your symptoms. It is also important for you to talk with your doctor about what you are tracking.

How Can I Keep Track of the Medicines I Need for Depression?

Keep track of the medicines you are taking. You will need to keep track of both the kinds of medicines you take and when you take them.

Also, use the following guidelines to help you get the most benefit from your medicine with the least risk of problems.

  • Take your medications exactly as directed. Don't stop taking your medication just because you feel better.
  • Watch for medication side effects and let your doctor know if you are having any.
  • Buy your medications from one pharmacy. That way the pharmacy can help you keep track of all the medicines you take.

Should I Keep Track of My Symptoms?

Keeping track of your symptoms will help you know how to talk with your doctor and your therapist about how well your treatment is working and whether or not your medicines are doing what they should.

Even with professional help and self-help, sometimes you find yourself slipping back into depression. To prevent full-blown depression, you need to recognize your early warning signs and take action quickly. Talk with your doctor and therapist and ask them to help you know what to look for.

What Should I Tell My Doctor About What I've Tracked?

Communicating with your doctor and other members of your team is what you have to do to get the most from your treatment. Tell them about the symptoms you are tracking. Tell them when there is a change either for the better or the worse. Discuss any problems you are having with taking the medicines the way you are supposed to take them. Get clarification about anything you don't understand about the medicines you are taking.

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