5 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Setting goals is one thing. Actually achieving them is another. Making small, short-term goals can help achieve a larger, long-term change.

As another year comes to a close, thoughts of new beginnings and fresh starts are on our minds. We put up new calendars and our attitudes become hopeful for all the promises of a new year. It’s the perfect time to get in shape, eat better and become an overall happier person. Right?

But how many times have you made a New Year’s resolution and never really followed through? The standard “lose weight” and “stress less” empty promises we make ourselves often get derailed when reality sets in. Those broad, vague resolutions never really come to fruition. Let’s face it, change is hard – if it was easy, we would already be the perfect versions of ourselves.

Though it may seem impossible to finally stick to a resolution, there is a way. Instead of focusing on just one large issue altogether, break it up! Start with one small, specific goal that is actually attainable. Instead of “I want to lose weight” think, “I will go to that kickboxing class on Tuesdays.” Small changes over time will help move you along on the road to a better you.

Here are our five top picks for attainable resolutions that you can actually stick to!