5 Steps to Changing Your Behavior


Be a Scout - Be Prepared!

Now that you know yourself a little better, learn to anticipate your triggers - and avoid them! The easier you can make it for yourself to succeed, the easier it will be to create new behavioral pathways in the brain. Be prepared for obstacles and challenges. Avoid places and people that may sabotage or tempt you.

If you’re trying to curb compulsive shopping, don’t go to the mall or look through magazines or spend hours on eBay. Don’t hang out with the friend who always wants to go shopping. Instead, suggest a different activity for the two of you to do, such as going to the movies, grabbing some coffee or taking a class together (like yoga or cooking).

Explore positive, new replacement habits for unwanted behaviors, and be prepared to do them the moment you notice the urge to do the old behavior. Go for a walk, read inspirational books, take a bath, meditate or call a supportive friend. Always be prepared!