How to Get Through the Holidays Stress-Free with Your Family

Dealing with Kids

What about kids that get bored easily or have a tendency to act out?

Have a discussion with your children about what is expected with regard to time spent on electronics versus socializing. It is sometimes helpful for some families to put a limit on the amount of time a child has with their electronic devices.

You may want to say “Michael, you can use your electronic device for two hours today.” However, limit his time playing outside of the most social hours of the day and tell him he has to break it up into two, one-hour sessions. This way your child will have time to regroup and be to themselves, but you won’t be concerned about them acting rude or antisocial with other members of the family.

Try inviting children to do fun activities outside the kitchen, such as making a holiday wish list or place cards for the dinner table. Ask children to bring a bag of developmentally appropriate toys and activities for them to play with if they become bored. These should be items that do not require a lot of supervision from adults (appropriate movies, books, not too messy art supplies, portable games and or electronics with chargers, etc).

Dr. Nicole Joseph is a licensed clinical psychologist who currently works for The Child and Family Counseling Group. Dr. Joseph has experience counseling individuals, couples, parents and families. She received her undergraduate degree from American University and finished her Masters and Doctorate at the American School of Professional Psychology. For more information about Dr. Joseph, check out her website.

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