5 Tips for Making it Through Your Company Holiday Party


Some good, basic pointers: Stick with the soft stuff, have a glass of water between each drink and never drink and drive. Even if you’re just nursing a couple drinks – remember, what your bosses and peers think about your display tonight will affect your every move come Monday.

It seems like the most obvious answer of all, but nonetheless, people still get it wrong from time to time. At a company party, the number one thing to keep in mind is to pace yourself. Not a drinker? Start off with sparkling water. If you’re self-conscious that it looks like you’re not holding a drink, ask the bartender to add a little fruit to your glass – even just a lemon or lime slice and your peers won’t know the difference between a sparkling water and a gin and tonic.

For those of who can throw liquor back – it’s unwise to push your limits. Stick to two -- max three -- drinks throughout the whole night and try to follow the one drink per hour rule. Trying to drink your team under the table may lead to a demotion, not a promotion.

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