5 Tips for Making it Through Your Company Holiday Party


Keep it simple, keep it classy and be absolutely positive that your outfit is work appropriate. If you want to be festive, wear a red sweater or a pretty chunky necklace. But don’t overdo it – this isn't prom and it definitely isn't your wedding day. You want your colleagues to appreciate your style and it’s always nice to show off a piece of clothing you can’t wear into the office, but remember you’re an employee first and a fashionista second.

Be sure that your skirt is always long enough (no more than an inch or so above your knee), be comfortable in what you’re wearing and be ready to move. If you’re full-chested or curvy, make sure you can kneel, sit down or move around if need be without exposing anything that would make your grandmother blush. For men, it’s important to dress to the occasion – if everyone else is wearing slacks, don’t get caught being the only guy in jeans!

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