10 Remedies That Do Absolutely Nothing to Treat the Common Cold

Using supplements to boost immunity is likely not doing all that much for your health, but the good news is, they're probably not hurting you, either. ©iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Americans spend more than $4.2 billion every year on over-the-counter promises of cold, cough and flu relief, and that number grows even higher when you add in what people spend on alternative remedies, such as Airborne [source: Szabo]. Airborne is a product that once sold itself as the number one natural cold remedy, and now claims to be essential for immune system support.

Airbone is not FDA approved, which means there's no evidence that it is able to prevent or treat a cold. And while we haven't talked about echinacea, vitamin C and zinc yet, Airborne contains these three ingredients, which are known to do nothing to treat or prevent a cold.