9 Hangover Cures From Around the World

Lemon in Your Armpit and Asopao, Puerto Rico
A bartender in Puerto Rico gives us some options. If you take the one with rum, let us know if either of the hangover fixes work. Steve Dunwell/Getty Images

As hangover remedies go, having citrusy-smelling armpits is not so bad. This Puerto Rican belief, which is a hangover preventative, rather than a cure, works like this: Before you begin drinking, take one lemon or lime, cut off a slice, then rub it into the armpit of your drinking arm. This will prevent dehydration, the thinking goes, and thus the nasty headaches associated with hangovers [source: Two Views]. In exchange, you'll just have to live with one sticky armpit for the rest of the night. (But remember, you'll smell good!)

Unsurprisingly, there is no scientific evidence this hangover-prevention method works. So you might want to move on to another Puerto Rican remedy. After an evening out on the town, citizens will often chow down on a steaming bowl of asopao. This classic Puerto Rican dish is a chicken, chickpea or shrimp stew spiced up with various ingredients such as onion, green pepper, chili peppers, garlic, paprika and oregano. It's cooked with rice and served piping hot. The dish's heat — both in temperature and spice — is alleged to be the secret, as it allows you to sweat out toxins. (Please note: Despite what many of these cures say, medically speaking, you can't detox your body with any food or supplements.) If it helps at all, it's likely due to the broth rehydrating you and the protein in the soup [sources: Bastidas, Paull].