How to Create Emotional Health

Shift Your Mood

You Acquire the Capacity to Shift Your Mood.

Many people seem to be "possessed" by their mood. Once you have done some "emotional reconstruction" and have gained a new sense of awareness in action, you may discover that you are less prone to mood swings. You can enhance your progress through deep breathing, meditation and prayer.

Bloomfield wants us to "turn on the light" by tapping into our "quintessential peace. Start by finding the deep peace, then embark on the journey." His vision for us is to move beyond fight-or-flight to a place he calls "stay and play." Meditation is an age-old tool for experiencing quintessential peace. "There is a great deal of haphazard advice in the marketplace," he cautions. "I urge people to find a qualified instructor rather than trying to learn from a book or tape."

Emotional health has long been undervalued in our "continuing education" as human beings. Historically, there has been no "owner's manual" for emotional literacy. It can only benefit every one of us to know that its value is rapidly being recognized in our society.

Could You Benefit from Emotional Coaching?

Would you benefit from coaching or a group study course? If you answer "True" to three or more of the statements below, emotional coaching might be of benefit to you.

  • I sense that I could be happier or more successful than I am now.
  • I sometimes feel that life is passing me by.
  • I find myself repeating old mistakes, suffering frequent setbacks or "bad luck," or reliving/remaining in unhealthy relationships with significant others or authority figures.
  • I often think about or talk about unfortunate experiences in the past (for example, losses, missed opportunities, choices made, handicaps, etc.)
  • I experienced a lot of pain as a child or adolescent, or I cannot recall much from that period in my life.
  • I experience outbursts of anger if I get frustrated by other people, inanimate objects, pets, children, or when I accidentally hurt myself.
  • I sometimes feel that I am not safe to express my emotions to others.
  • I would like my relationships with family, friends, coworkers or neighbors to be closer, more harmonious, positive and/or productive.
  • I am ready to take responsibility for my future and realize a significant next step in my personal and professional growth.

Source: Center for Creative Learning

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