Break the Cycle of Negative Thinking

Positive Changes You Can Make
Stepping outside of your comfort zone can open your mind to a whole new perspective.
Stepping outside of your comfort zone can open your mind to a whole new perspective.
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Make Small Changes

It takes more than just a verbal approach to change. “I’m going to lose weight,” is a lot less effective than taking action in that direction. [source: Blakeslee, Thomas] By achieving small, attainable behavioral changes, your overall attitude will change in time. Replace your morning bagel and cream cheese with fruit. Use your lunch break to take a walk with colleagues on Tuesdays. Experience success, and you’ll have your motivation to continue in the right direction.

Meet New People

Humans are social creatures. We long to form connections – to feel accepted [source: Blakeslee, Thomas]. Meeting new people and forming new bonds and relationships can not only expose us to new cultures and ways of living, but it can also give us a sense of belonging [source: Oz, Lisa].

Human connections also allow us an outlet for those negative feelings. Having someone to vent to can help us release those negative emotions, preventing a whirlwind of negative thoughts [source: Oz, Lisa].

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Pushing your comfort zone can make you feel uncomfortable, but it can also help to change your perspective of your life and the world around you [source: Blakeslee, Thomas]. Doing the same old, same old will only help to further a cycle of similarity.

Breaking free of the daily grind will help you experience new things, new people and will give you a whole new set of happy memories.

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