What Makes That Person Creepy?

Jesus Quintana (played by actor John Turturro) achieved the ultimate creep status in "The Big Lebowski." Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

What exactly makes someone a creep? Is it the way they dress and slick back their hair, or is it all in the way they carry themselves?

Can only men achieve the status of true creepdom, or can ladies get in on the socially repellent action, too?

These are just a few of the questions that Joe McCormick and I consider in this week's Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast episode "The Creep." We discuss such iconic fictional creeps as The Jesus from "The Big Lebowski" and creep-hero John Waters, and we'll dig into a recent journal publication about the many factors that our threat-analyzing brains crunch every time we consider a mysterious stranger.

So tune in! Once you consider all the factors, you might well second-guess the fairness of your own creep radar — and you might just glimpse the creep in the mirror. 

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