5 Famous Hoarding Cases


Bettina Grossman

Bettina Grossman lives the life of an artist. A very prolific artist. Yet over the years, she's enjoyed only brief tiptoes into the shadows around the restrictive limelight of the artistic world. So without much exposure, sales of her artwork never exactly took off, but that didn't stop Grossman from continuing to explore all sorts of artistic mediums, creating paintings, sculptures, photographs, films and drawings.

And create she did. For several decades. Eventually, the relics of this reclusive effort started to stack up, until they reached nearly to the ceiling of her 5th floor Chelsea Hotel apartment. Grossman spent large amounts of her time camped out in the front hallway, barely able to squeeze inside the living space. She probably would have remained unknown except to fellow residents had a young filmmaker by the name of Sam Bassett not befriended her and filmed a documentary concerning her life's work. In the film, he helped Grossman organize her massive inventory and brought her art to light. Since then, at least one other filmmaker has also carried her story to the silver screen.