5 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Suicide


Suicide statistics are sobering: In 2010, more people died of suicide than in car accidents, according to a 2013 report for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

With depression more prevalent than ever, it's often difficult to determine if someone is just clinically depressed or suicidal, and it's hardly a black-and-white issue. For the loved ones of suicide victims and the medical professionals who treat them, suicide poses an incredible emotional and psychological challenge. The warning signs, if they even exist, can manifest themselves in vastly different ways depending on the patient.

September is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness month, and we sat down with clinical psychologist and Discovery Fit & Health blogger, Dr. Nicole Joseph, to discuss suicide signs and symptoms and how a family member may be able to detect suicide risk in a loved one.

Read on to learn more about suicide risk and prevention, and what you can do if someone you know is exhibiting these symptoms.