5 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Suicide

A perceived feeling(s) of loss

Feelings of loss can be the result of a variety of different factors. A young person may feel that they have lost someone after moving away from friends, being rejected by a particular social group, losing a relative or loved one and in certain cases, even after the divorce of a parent(s), explains Joseph.

For the elderly (those 65 and up) often these emotions manifest themselves in feelings of isolation. Older adults are often more likely to experience loss and bereavement through the death of a loved one or friend. These individuals are also much more likely to live by themselves and/or in isolation, adding to the perceived sense of aloneness.

It is important to remember, especially as it relates to young people, that perception plays a significant role. While to a parent, the trigger for these emotions may not seem like a "big deal," the perceived emotions indicate otherwise and could put your child at risk.