Horney, Karen

Horney, Karen (Danielsen) (1885–1952), a United States psychoanalyst. Disagreeing with Sigmund Freud's teachings, she held that anxiety and neurosis are caused by environmental and cultural factors in conflict with the individual's drive towards self-realization.

Karen Danielsen was born in Germany, where she received her medical education and taught psychoanalysis for 12 years. She married Dr. Oscar Horney in 1909, came to the United States in 1932, and became a citizen in 1938. She was a founder and the dean (1941–52) of the American Institute of Psychoanalysis.


Her books include: The Neurotic Personality of Our Time (1937); New Ways in Psychoanalysis (1939); Self-Analysis (1942); Our Inner Conflicts (1945); Neurosis and Human Growth (1950).