10 Myths About Sleep

Incorrect beliefs about the science of sleep could be keeping you from getting the best and most beneficial rest. ©OcusFocus/iStock/Thinkstock

Rip van Winkle was an idle man, who, as the story goes, took a walk in the woods to catch a break from his wife, drank a stranger's brew and proceeded to fall asleep for 20 years. You, however, can't sleep for 20 years (no matter what you may be trying to escape). Nor can you go without. Not only does a lack of sleep kill your brain cells, it could also eventually kill you.

But what of the more subtle aspects of sleep science? For example, did you know that you yawn less when you're cold? And did you know that counting sheep won't help you fall asleep, and that it might actually keep you awake longer? Let's get to the bottom of some of the most common myths about sleep, including how many hours are ideal.