Dream: A phone or machine works perfectly

Description: You smoothly operate a machine or telephone.

Frequency: Smooth operation dreams are fairly rare. When they occur, it is usually at a time of improved emotional connections or an enhancement of some other situation. If you are bereaved, you may dream of making clear contact with a deceased parent, spouse, child, or other relative or friend. Occasionally dreams about smoothly operating machines relate to improved health.


Usual meanings: You feel as though you are making a good connection with someone or something, you believe that you can really reach him or her or feel in close touch. You feel as though you've connected with someone on an emotional level or have had an insight into something. You may believe you are having contact with the deceased. Your machine may represent your own body and be telling you that things are working well

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who are you reaching or who is contacting you in your dream?
  • What was the person saying to you?
  • What intellectual connection or insight could this dream represent?