Dream: I am being menaced by a spirit

Description: You are being berated by someone who is deceased. You may feel terrified, guilty, resentful or abandoned. There are a number of variations to this jarring but rare dream theme. It may range from mild admonishment to an outright curse, or a sense of being haunted.

Frequency: Dreams of being menaced by a sprit are unusual. Some people have them occasionally, others only in dire conditions. They typically occur when you feel guilty, responsible for a death, ambivalent about the deceased, or extremely anxious about an impending or recent death.


Usual meanings: You feel alarmed, questioning whether you have done all that you could. You may question whether you are responsible for what occurred or could have done more to help. You may be questioning whether you did the right thing, feeling guilty or that you are being punished for something.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What happens during your dream?
  • What is/was your relationship like with the person in the dream?
  • What are your emotions in the dream?