Dream: I am discovering new spaces

Description: You discover a marvelous new space. There are several variations to this theme. You may open a door in your ordinary house to discover a whole new room or section of the house that you had no idea was there. You may be walking in a familiar neighborhood and come across an area or a vista that you have never seen before. These new spaces are invariably beautiful, spectacular or special in some positive way. This dream often contains a door or window.

Frequency: Discovering new spaces is a fairly unusual them. This dream typically occurs when you feel that a new aspect of your personality is opening up, a potential you had not anticipated.


Usual meanings: You feel as though you've found something wonderful and amazing that you didn't know was there before. This may be just what you want, or something that you want to explore. You may feel as though things are opening up, that you feel free.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you met a new love interest?
  • Are you unlocking an emotional area that you have kept tightly closed in the past?
  • Is your health improving dramatically?
  • Are you feeling more open to spirituality?