Dream: I am healed, born or reborn

Description: You or another person is healed, gives birth or is reborn.

Frequency: Relatively rare, it may accompany a new start in your waking life or recovery from an illness.


Usual meanings: You are feeling hopeful, renewed or better, or that something is stirring to life within you. When you or another person is giving birth, it often means that you feel as though you are improving or that something new has been born in you. A common dream during pregnancy, it represents your hopes for your new baby. If you are grieving, the birth imagery may express your hope for a new life for your loved one.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What has been restored or what is new in your life?
  • Who or what has come into or is coming into your waking life?
  • How can you nourish this new part of yourself?