Dream: I experience natural beauty or miracles

Description: You are strolling through overwhelming natural or man-made beauty. The dream may involve abundant, lush flowers or vegetation and grand trees. You may bathe or swim in healing waters or be kissed by soft rain. Caressing winds may cool your face. You may be touched by warming sun rays or watch a spectacular sunset. Perhaps you will glide down ski slopes or across the ice, feeling invigorated and happy. All the glories of the natural world offer delight, often with musical background. Beautiful structures, including cathedrals, temples and marble halls, are sometimes the settings of these dreams. Classic courtyards with splashing fountains may invite you, feathered fans cool your brow. You may gaze into a glowing hearth or follow the light of a candle. You may engage in mystic dances or rituals or witness miracles.

Frequency: Dreams of beauty are rare. You may have them when you follow a spiritual practice, or you may be gifted with one during a crisis.


Usual meanings: You feel transported by the incredible scene before you. You may feel that life is amazing and that you are part of something exalted.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where did your dream take place?
  • Describe your surroundings, paying particular attention to colors, flowers and other sensual details.
  • How did you feel when you awakened?