Dream: My house or property is improved

Description: Your house or some other building is being repaired or rebuilt — or a new building is being constructed. Flowers may be blooming and beautiful gardens may materialize. You may also dream that you find something that was lost or replace a lost object with something better — through your own effort or the generosity of another.

Frequency: Not very common. They may occur when you feel that some aspect of your life is improving or when your body is recovering or you are pregnant.

Usual meanings: You feel improved or that things are getting better. Depending on the object, you may feel that your identity is restored, you've gained time, or something valuable is available to you.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How has your house been changed or improved?
  • What lost object have you found?
  • What has changed about you physically recently?
  • If a garden is present in your dream, what flowers are in it? What connection do you have to this flower?
  • What is blossoming in your life now?