Off to Dream School

Have you ever had a dream so powerful you thought in might be a lucid dream? In this lucid dreaming article, Vince Rause defines what a lucid dream is and writes about his lucid dreaming experiences.

Ever since I had my first, and very modest, lucid dream, I've been wondering about future ramifications. What if I develop command over my dreams and am able to fill my nights with every imaginable adventure? How would I behave in a magically real universe where the laws of morality and physics no longer apply? Would I soar through the cosmos searching for divine truth? Would I lunch with Gandhi and Aristotle? Would I travel through time and explore distant planets? Or would I spend all my time cruising the freeway, fixing flat tires for exceedingly grateful supermodels?

These thoughts bubbled in my mind as I entered the nondescript offices of the Lucidity Institute in Palo Alto, where Stephen LaBerge and a half-dozen seasoned lucid dreamers, all members of one of LaBerge's research groups, were waiting to provide firsthand reports from their forays into dreamland.

What Do Lucid Dreamers Dream?

First things first: Yes, indeedy, they have dream sex. And yes, they say it feels good. I didn't have the guts to ask how good it felt, but a group member named Keelin says she feasts on chocolate in her dreams, and it tastes as rich and satisfying as the genuine item, so, do the math ...

Chocolate. Sex. They also do a lot of flying — often into the luminous depths of space, or above fantastically beautiful landscapes — which, says a group member named Keith, leaves you feeling uplifted and energized when you wake.

But there's more than fun and games going on in lucid-land. Almost all the lucid dreamers on hand reported that from time to time, their dreams whisk them off to a plane of mystical ecstasy.

"I have very powerful dreams in which I'm bathed in a brilliant white light," says a group member named Leslie. "My heart is exploding with love, the most love you can imagine. It's a wonderful feeling; I feel connected to everything in the world."

Keelin, the chocolate lover, knows what Leslie means. "It's a very magnetic feeling," she says. "My heart expands in a very lovely way, and I think it carries over into my waking life, too."