Top 10 Radical Parenting Methods


Helicopter Parenting

Are you that parent who's always hanging outside the classroom, waiting to ask the teacher about your child's latest grade? If so, you might be a "helicopter parent" -- so named due to a tendency to hover and swoop in to prevent any mishap.

Helicopter parents are forever monitoring their kids, especially when it comes to academic achievement; they are known to constantly call and text teachers to check on their kids' whereabouts, homework or test scores.

Critics of helicopter parents say they're over-involved and aren't letting their kids learn from their mistakes. These parents also pass on their anxiety. "A child growing up with a helicopter parent will likely end up just as nervous as the parent," writes mental health counselor Erika Krull on the Web site PsychCentral. But defenders say they're not helicopters, a somewhat derogatory tag. They say they're involved, caring parents who want the best for their kids.