Top 10 Radical Parenting Methods


Teacup Parenting

Parents are forever consulting doctors.
Parents are forever consulting doctors.

It's natural for parents to worry. But some parents spend their time trying to preserve and protect their kids as if they're fragile teacups. These parents worry at the sound of that first sniffle or flip out when their kids so much as scrape themselves. They are forever consulting doctors and might even monitor their children's daycare and school activities via video.

And as their children get older, the fretting doesn't let up -- these parents are always calling their kids or texting them. They push their kids to get into the best colleges and then move nearby.

On the plus side, these parents obviously care deeply for their kids and want to keep them safe. On the minus side, as with helicopter parents, they're not giving their children a chance to find their own way. "How are they going to learn if mom is always watching?" writes pediatrician and Huffington Post blogger Ramon Resa.