10 Summer Safety Tips for Kids


Pool Safety

They don't hang those "No running!" signs poolside for decoration. According to SafeKids, in 2006 more than 3,700 kids younger than 5 years old were injured in near-drowning incidents, and every year, more than 830 kids ages 14 and younger die due to unintentional drowning.

It should go without saying but we'll say it anyway: Never leave kids alone near the pool, no matter what their ages or swim capabilities are. Parents can and should take precautions around home pools, in addition to closely supervising kids while they swim. Installing fencing around pools, at least 5-feet high, all the way around and with a self-closing, self-latching gate, can prevent 50 to 90 percent of accidental drowning incidents. Pool and gate alarms -- they alert you to when the pool water becomes agitated and when the gate is opened -- add another layer of protection.