10 Things You Need to Know About Adoption

Home Studies

If you're a private person, you might find the adoption process a little uncomfortable. You'll have to share a great deal of information about yourself, your family and your home life during a home study, also known as a family profile. The home study is a final written document prepared by a social worker as one of the last pieces of the adoption process. And however nervous it makes you, the results are rarely negative -- it presents the chance to learn about adoption and, ultimately, serves as a protective measure for the child.

So what's involved in a home study? Typically, through written documentation, interviews and at least one visit to your home, your social worker pulls together a document that outlines specific details on you and your family, such as financial well-being, references, the neighborhood you live in, health history and family history. As you start the home study process, if you have any concerns about your status due to things like financial challenges or a criminal record, get those out in the open at the beginning.