10 Things You Need to Know About Adoption

Adoption Medicine

If you've ever needed specialized medical attention, you probably sought out a specialist. Well, when it comes to your future or new child's health, you can do the same thing.

Physicians who specialize in adoption medicine have unique experience in coordinating care for adopted children, both domestic and international. Often, the adoptive child has received very little prior care, and there are poor medical records and no family history to work from. He or she may also have lived in more trying circumstances, suffering neglect or contracting uncommon illnesses, such as tropical diseases.

These doctors are well-versed in the conditions of orphanages abroad. They're knowledgeable about the referral process for unique needs and can implement future care with an eye on the past. They can also assist with pre-adoption counseling, such as reviewing the child's health and available records.

To connect with a physician specializing in adoption medicine, you can call your area hospital, check with a local adoption agency or refer to the adoption and foster care information on the American Academy of Pediatrics Web site.