10 Tips from Dominique Dawes on Keeping Kids Healthy

Get moving!
Get moving!

Remember how, as a child, everything was a first? There was the first day of school, first sleepover party, first time we had to stand up for ourselves and the first time we faced failure. In fact, looking back, as exciting as childhood can be, it's also a time of bumps and bruises.

But you made it, and that makes you a source of great advice for the children in your community. Whether you're a parent, older sibling or mentor to the children in your life, you can have a huge role in helping a child succeed, especially when it comes to health and wellness. Chances are, though, you might need some tips. So we turned to an expert on health, fitness, wellness, leadership and teamwork for 10 tips for keeping kids healthy.

Enter Dominique Dawes -- Olympic gold medalist gymnast, motivational speaker and co-chair of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

Let's check out the tips she had to share on physical activity, nutrition, health, goal setting and personal acceptance.