10 Tips from Dominique Dawes on Keeping Kids Healthy

Keep Active with a Back-to-basics Approach
Boots matching chalk: optional
Boots matching chalk: optional

You don't need fancy equipment or a gym membership to increase a child's daily dose of physical activity. In your childhood, playing tag or navigating the hopscotch court you drew on the sidewalk in colored chalk did the trick. These games provide hours of physical activity and entertainment without emptying the pocketbook.

Dawes suggests keeping active with this back-to-basics approach. "All you need is a jump rope, hula hoop and a ball," she explains. "As a family, get together and head to the park. I started jumping rope at a very young age. It's one of my favorite things to do."

You can make jumping rope a family game. See how many jumps everyone can do in a row. Can your child do 20? How about 30? "Take those small steps to physical health," Dawes says. "You may not see the effects immediately, but they'll add up over time."

Dawes also suggests just going for a walk. Try taking that time right after dinner to pull on your sneakers and head outside.

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