10 Tips from Dominique Dawes on Keeping Kids Healthy

Invite Your Child into the Kitchen
Let him crack an egg or two.
Let him crack an egg or two.

Dawes learned about nutrition very early in life. By the time she was training in the gym at age 11, she had already learned that eating right would help her achieve her goals. In fact, goals for health, strength, endurance and academic performance all correlate with a healthy diet.

To get your kid involved, Dawes suggests inviting him or her into the kitchen. Purchase a children's cookbook and try one recipe each weekend. (If you're a busy family, chances are that weeknight recipe exploration might be out.)

It's also a good idea to involve your child in the food prep and get hands-on. You could let him or her take charge of the salad, for example. Provide lots of healthy ingredients, such as leafy greens, peppers and tomatoes, but allow your child to decide what, ultimately, makes it into the salad bowl.

Don't forget, time in the kitchen can be a bonding opportunity, one that creates a lot of memories. And this doesn't even take into consideration that your little chef is more likely to be adventurous with food if he or she was in charge of making it.

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