10 Tips from Dominique Dawes on Keeping Kids Healthy

Pack It
A worthy alternative to cafeteria pizza
A worthy alternative to cafeteria pizza

Picking out a brand-new lunch box is usually one of the fun things kids get to do at the start of each school year. But by the end of the year, is it buried in the back of the pantry? One way Dawes suggests helping ensure your child gets a healthy, nutritious lunchtime meal is to pull out that lunch box, dust it off and aim to increase the number of times each week you pack your child's lunch.

When the school day is over, prepare healthy snacks and meals at home. If you're eating out, try your hand at making healthy swaps. Instead of fries, have a piece of fruit as your side item. Rather than fried fish, go for grilled.

Have a picky eater on your hands? Parents need to set the tone when it comes to food. Options are great, but unhealthy choices shouldn't win out. "Sometimes, you need to put your foot down," Dawes explains. "Children will listen if we require them to."

Perhaps the best way to get your child's true attention is to set a good example. Make healthy choices yourself, and the child in your life will model your behavior.

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