10 Ways to Balance a Career with a Baby


Maintain a Strong Network of Contacts

Life doesn't stop because you've had a baby, but sometimes it can seem as though the world has dwindled to work and home. If that's the way you feel, you aren't alone. Developing strong contacts with other women who are trying to balance work and family can help you cope with common stressors in both areas of your life. Seeking out the ear and council of others who are going through, or have gone through, what you're experiencing can help you keep up with the latest tips and tricks, too.

Working to maintain other business contacts is also a good idea. Priorities often change drastically after having a child, and it's easy to forget how important networking can be for the future of your career. You may not have the time to stay in touch as often as you did before the baby came, but don't wait a couple of years to reconnect.