20 Cool Playgrounds


imPOSSIBLE DREAM Playground (Warwick, R.I.)

The imPOSSIBLE DREAM Playground is the first ADA-accessible playground in the state of Rhode Island, fulfilling the dream of kids with disabilities or limitations to play side-by-side their able-bodied peers. Built by the imPOSSIBLE DREAM, inc., a non-profit group that grants dreams to chronically ill kids suffering from physical and/or emotional illness, the playground is part of John D. Florio Memorial Park.

The playground has the basics like swings, slides, seesaws and sand boxes. But it also offers miniature golf, fantasy playhouses, an old-fashioned train station (as a rest area) and a koi fishpond surrounded by animal statues and fountains.

Note that the playground has limited hours: It's open during April through October, Wednesday through Sunday.