4 Steps to Create a Family Emergency Plan


Know and practice the 911 drill

Does everyone in your family know how to dial 911? If you use cell phones, do you know where the speed dial for 911 is located?

Does your family know how to make a full report once you've called 911? Here are the questions  you'll be asked when calling 911.  Can each person in your family answer these?

  • "What is the emergency?" or "What happened?"
  • "Where are you?" or "Where do you live?"
  • "Who needs help?" or "Who is with you?"

It's not a bad idea to practice this dialogue with children.  (Do this without actually calling 911!) You can create a game with smaller children: "Is it an emergency when you lose your socks?" or "Is it an emergency when you see fire?"  This can make the process clearer for children. Letting kids repeat their home phone number or name and address is a good exercise.