5 Celebrity Custody Battles


Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee

Baywatch babe Pam Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee married in 1995 after spending just three days together in Mexico, and went on to have two sons, Brandon and Dylan, during their three-year marriage.

The pair divorced in 1998, after Tommy served 180 days in jail for assaulting Pam (although they nearly divorced twice before). At that time, the boys went to live with their mother.

In late 2001, though, Pam petitioned for full custody of the boys, then ages 5 and 3. Among the charges filed against Tommy were claims that he became abusive when drinking and presented a danger to those around him. She also alleged that he knowingly exposed her to hepatitis C, a liver disease she claims to have contracted after sharing a tattoo needle with him -- a disease Tommy denies having. Pam requested Tommy have only monitored visits with the boys. She was turned down. In 2002, after several rounds in court, Tommy and Pam agreed to share custody.

In the end, the two continue to share custody of their sons, and even briefly reconciled (again) in 2008.