5 Reasons Child IDs are a Good Idea

Abduction: Immediate and Up-to-date Identification

Child safety experts will tell you, when a child goes missing what happens during the first hour (or less) is the most important and can make or break finding that child. According to the Department of Justice, approximately 797,500 kids are reported missing each year -- that's 2,185 kids on average every day. No parents want to imagine that child abduction could happen to their family, but if it were to happen, would you be prepared?

It's estimated that 34 percent of American parents wouldn't be able to accurately describe their child to law enforcement, including details of exact height and weight as well as their child's eye color. Child ID cards answer these basic questions. In addition to having your child carry his or her own ID card, each parent, guardian and caretaker should also keep a copy to give to law enforcement in the event the unthinkable happens.

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