Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids


Strap on a Helmet

Scooters, skates and bicycles are often banished to the garage during the colder months, but once warmer weather rolls around, they receive a reprieve from their winter resting places. Make sure that the proper safety gear also gets retrieved from the garage, and re-evaluate its condition every year to ensure that it's still OK to use. Most importantly, any kid who wants to hop on a bike, scooter or skates needs a helmet. It doesn't matter if the child is riding in the street or an isolated backyard -- if the child were to fall, he or she would be at risk for a head injury that could cause concussion or death. In addition to a helmet, many kids benefit from elbow and knee pads.

Simply strapping a child into enough equipment to pad a fall isn't enough, though. Parents should invest in lessons or a proper training program for kids who skate or bike; often, local community centers will offer classes on biking safety. Young riders should be supervised, even when they're not on major roads.