Books for Babies

9-12 Months

Books based on familiar baby games can be a springboard to enjoying old and new finger plays and rhyming games.

Mama, Do You Love Me by Barbara M. Joosse (Chronicle) and similar books, help reinforce a baby's confidence that his parents' love is unconditional — even if he does something naughty.

Your youngster will become "in love" with certain books and insist that they be read over and over. Don't even try to skip a page or change the inflection when you read. You'll simply have to begin again. He treasures the security of predictability.

By this age your youngster is beginning to have the dexterity to help you turn pages.

"Lift the flap" books offer surprises and the opportunity for activity. Choose sturdy books but remember that these are made to be used and may not survive to be passed on to others.

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