Are cloth diapers or disposable diapers safer for my child?

Cloth or disposable: Which one is right for your young one?
Cloth or disposable: Which one is right for your young one?
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One of the first decisions new parents have to make is whether to use cloth or disposable diapers for their newborn. This topic has been an active debate since the advent of disposable diapers, which made the lives of many tired new parents a lot easier. There's no argument that disposable diapers are more convenient than their cloth counterparts. There aren't multiple pieces involved, and they don't require a washing machine. But environmental advocates question the logic of convenience over cost to our environment, in the form of landfill contributions. And then there's the cost to your wallet. Over a two year period, cloth diapers cost less than three quarters of what disposable diapers will run you. But, to reiterate this overriding priority in today's society, disposable diapers are easier -- to the point that some daycare facilities won't accept children in cloth diapers. And this is one of many considerations for harried parents. But there's one cost that needs to be considered that outweighs both dollars and the environment -- your child's safety. Here's the skinny on the safety considerations of cloth versus disposable diapers.


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