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Growing Out of the Diaper

Q: Is there worry that you might be rushing a child through a stage that usually takes at least a few years?

A:EC does not involve rushing. Attempts to "rush" the process usually end up in failure. It's more of a learning process and people should understand that depending on the age of the child it can take a range of months before a child achieves toilet independence. By contrast, conventional toilet training involves diaper training a child for several years and then rushing him through a training event that can seem confusing and difficult since it is often so sudden (or may seem that way to a child!).

What if a baby is reluctant to let go of the diaper?

A:This is something that is seen mainly with toddlers who have worn diapers all along and have not been using the potty from an early age. Most babies who are EC'd from under a year of age are accustomed to using their diapers only as back-up for when they don't make it to the potty on time. They would not identify a diaper as the only place they feel comfortable eliminating. Also, many EC'd babies are out of diapers either completely or mostly before they hit this this toddler age range.

Q: Did you toilet train your children this way?

A:I don't consider that I toilet trained either of my children. They were brought up learning their toileting skills through the practice of EC and both of them transitioned into toilet independence easily. I started EC with my son when he was 8 months old and I started EC with my daughter when she was born. They had somewhat different elimination patterns and very different personalities, but both started pottying independently and "graduated" approximately at the same age.

I am due to give birth to our 3rd child at the end of August and look forward to EC'ing this new baby as well!