Green Baby Food Ideas

Baby Food for Busy Moms

If my parents had a philosophy about the foods they fed us, it was "keep it simple." Simple, healthy, natural foods that you can make so easily. Just mash up a banana or mash up an avocado, or the green beans or broccoli that you were already steaming for the family dinner-put it in the baby food mill, grind it up, and you have really fresh, really simple, good-quality baby food.

When You're on the Go

If you're on vacation, or have a babysitter, or are on the go for the day and you need to use packaged foods, there are some great options available! Some are frozen food, some a jarred food, and you can even find the USDA Certified Organic label right on a lot of them. Make sure you're reading the label very carefully to see that there are no synthetic ingredients, no artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives.

Back at Home

When you're out in the neighborhood with your baby, you don't have to travel far to have fun-you can explore your own hometown by going for a walk in the park, or how about exploring on foot or by bicycle? Get out and explore the local farms, and garden, parks shops markets-you'll both get a lot out of it, and you'll be supporting your local economy, too.

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