Safe Sleeping For Your Baby

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Take the following steps whenever your newborn sleeps-until your baby is 12 months old.


  • Always put infants to sleep on their backs (Remember: Back to sleep).
  • Place a firm mattress in your baby's crib or bassinet.
  • If your infant breastfeeds in a side-lying position, place your in his back for sleeping afterward.
  • If your infant is to sleep on an adult mattress, remove the mattress from the bed frame. Place it on the floor to prevent falls.
  • Remove headboards, footboards and side rails where the baby could become trapped. Be sure there are no spaces between the bed, the wall or other furnishings.
  • Remove cords from windows. Be sure the pajamas or gowns that you and your baby sleep in don't have long strings or ties. Watch out for anything near the bed that could strangle the baby.
  • Put a tight-fitting fitted sheet on the mattress.
  • Use a baby blanket only if you can tuck it into the bottom of the bed.
  • If you decide to co-sleep, let only the mother and baby sleep together. This reduces the risk of an adult lying on top of the infant and causing the baby to suffocate.
  • Mothers who weigh more than 175 pounds are at greater risk of lying on top of their infants.


  • Don't place your infant on a water bed, sofa, soft mattress or other soft surface.
  • Never place pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins or other soft bedding on top of or under your baby.
  • Never smoke around your baby or inside an infant's home. Smoking can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • Never sleep with your infant if you -Smoke -Have been drinking alcohol -Have taken drugs or medications that make it hard for you to wake up
  • Don't overdress your baby for sleep
  • Don't overheat the room
  • Don't cover the infant's head for sleep


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