Big Kids: 10 Things Parents Can Do to Fight Childhood Obesity


Healthy Snacking

Snacking itself isn't bad for us, as long as we're careful about the snacks we choose and how much we eat.

In general, aim for snacks that are low in fat, sugar and sodium. As for snack size -- one snack should be about 100 calories. When you're snacking on healthy food, 100 calories is more food than you think. For example, two Oreo cookies are about 100 calories. Twenty Lay's potato chips (a serving size) add up to 150 calories. But healthy snacks that fit into the 100-calorie snack size include 1 cup of blueberries, a medium-sized banana, or a cup of carrots with 2 tablespoons of hummus for dipping. Teaching kids to combine food groups in their snacks adds to a snack's health factor. Protein and carbohydrates are a good pairing -- think cheese and crackers, yogurt and fruit -- because the combo is filling enough to sustain you until mealtime.