What are some fire safety tips for kids?

Most fire safety tips may seem simple and obvious, but they need to be spelled out to children, not only to prevent dangerous situations and accidents, but also so they’ll know how to react in the event of a fire. Children often play with dangerous objects that can start fires, but children need to understand that they can’t play with matches or any flammable objects like firecrackers and candles. Just a small flame or spark can grow and quickly turn into a dangerous, out-of-control fire. Explain to your children that if they throw something, like socks, or a scarf or towel, or nearly anything else, over a heat source like a radiator or even a lamp, these objects could catch fire. The same goes for putting any part of one's body close to a fire. Electricity can also start a fire, and so can a lit burner on the stove.

It's easy to think of things that can cause a fire or catch fire, but what happens if a fire has already started? Kids should know what to do in case they encounter a fire and find themselves in danger. Explain the following to your kids: Fire spreads quickly, and the reaction to fire needs to be just as quick. They should know the fastest escape route from the house, and they should plan and practice it in advance with other family members. Teach them to keep low to the floor if there is smoke, and not to open any doors if they are hot, because that could mean they are opening the door to more flames. And in worst case scenario, teach your children to stop, drop and roll just in case any part of their clothing or hair catches fire. Dropping to the ground and rolling will help put the flames out. This is true not just for kids -- knowing how to react in a life-threatening situation can save your life, as well.