How do I know if my child is gifted?

What forms can giftedness take?

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Giftedness is an umbrella term that describes a range of young people who demonstrate elevated levels of intelligence or ability when compared to those with and without neurodevelopmental disorders.

A child with a gifted IQ may be exceptionally strong in math or language, and, in extreme cases, these children may even have the ability to teach themselves how to read. Other children will begin speaking at a very young age – sometimes before they are even a year old.

Both gifted children and savants can be obsessive in their behavior – a child who is incredibly talented at drawing may feel the need to draw constantly. Others may have photographic memories and demonstrate the ability to draw something almost exactly as it appears from memory alone.

Savants, however, typically have a lower-than-average IQ. For example, a savant may have an IQ of around 70 (the average IQ is 100). Their talents are often expressed as an imbalance between an extreme depth of understanding in one subject area – be it art or music - and a below-average knowledge of traditional academic subjects or typical social behavior for their age.