Ultimate Guide to Healthy Co-parenting

Co-parenting Strategies
Keep the anger away from your kids.
Keep the anger away from your kids.
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Effective co-parenting requires a plan, sometimes many plans. Co-parenting strategies should be well thought out and agreed upon by both single parents, not just in theory, but in practice, too. They also should be flexible enough to adapt to last minute changes. Where single parenting and co-parenting are concerned, nothing goes according to plan 100 percent of the time.

Come up with ways to address issues like discipline cooperatively. Scheduling visits, handing out punishments and planning events should be strategized behind the scenes, and the results should, ideally, appear seamless when presented to your children.

Avoid wrangling about the details of your arrangement. If you always agreed on everything, you'd probably still be together. Now that you're apart, come together with a more formal attitude and a desire to accomplish a specific set of goals. Single parenting articles and parenting classes will be able to offer sample agendas and single parenting tips that will make it easier to knock out the who, what, when, where and how of your specific circumstances. Getting an idea of the ways other co-parents are successful will help you strategize exchanges and resolve scheduling conflicts.

Plan a call or meeting with your ex, and write out ideas beforehand about how to handle your interaction in the most constructive way. Prepare an agenda and stick to it. Always be willing to compromise. If this is too difficult to do without mediation, get an objective party to help. If warring countries can negotiate treaties, so can you.

There are lots of things to consider, and good communication is important. From details about health issues to coming up with ways to make holidays pleasant for everyone involved, it pays to get everything on the table, sorted and ready to go.