Helping You and Your Children Through The Day!

Being a parent to a young child who is full of energy can be a roller coaster ride of amazing moments and tearing your hair out! All parents know the good times with their children; it may just be that today's busy lifestyles make them harder to see. Understanding your child's needs and how to meet them will help you have more of the ups and less of the downs.

Difficult times are more likely to happen when children are bored or frustrated. How you respond to them and how you are feeling can sometimes turn a simple task into a battle of wills. Obviously, these can't all be avoided, but a few simple ideas may help you and your children have more of the good times!


If children really get into an activity, they are less likely to throw the remote in the garbage or wrestle with a brother or sister! If you've got a lot to do in a short space of time, set up an activity that will give you that all-important extra half an hour.

Painting, Drawing, and Coloring Even very young children love creating works of art, and the messier, the better! Put down newspaper and cover up clothes to protect them and cut down on tidying up.

Water A washing bowl of water and a couple of cups can keep a toddler busy for ages.

Imagination Get out some teddy bears and dolls and have a tea party, or set up a zoo made of all sizes and shapes of toys-let imaginations run wild.

Join In Once you've got everything out of the way, take five minutes to get into what your child is doing. Show him what he's doing is important.

Keep It Simple If this all sounds too complicated and time consuming, try to keep a box of toys, crayons, and play dough handy, and make the most of bathtime for playing with a couple of cups and a sponge.

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